Sunday, March 10, 2013

Teaching the plan of salvation on a trash can and feeling the gospel through the faith of others- February 24, 2013

dajia wu an

well i don't remember how much time i have left but i saved writing this email for last because it's always so hard.....gah. but we do gots to get out of here soon cause we are meeting up with some other sisters to do some shopping (which may or may not include a little birthday gift for a certain little sister born at the end of march. like i said: may or may not). anyway of course all during the week i planned and dreamed and schemed of all the things i would write to you and now i can't hardly remember a single one (dang it!) but i'm sure i will remember as soon as i'm on my bike, riding away from the email place.

we had a lot of really incredible teaching experiences this week. it was a long hard week because our study time was shorter than normal and we were eating on the go for "power week" so we would spend more time contacting and finding.....but we survived it all and the spirit of God like a fire is burning in my little heart!

on saturday we went back to that aztec park to see if we could find any families to talk to. there weren't really many people there and in fact lots of people were literally running away from us when they saw us walking towards them. ouch. maybe i need to work on my approach i guess sometimes it's really abrupt when i just walk up and start talking to people. we saw a lady gardening with an umbrella hat on but after she rejected us by telling us there were lots of people to talk to just up the street, i was walking along a little cement wall, wondering what to do when i saw a little old lady bustle into the park. i complimented her colorful jacket and hopped down next to her on the sidewalk. we walked beside her talking about Christ as she made her rounds through the park for her daily exercise. her name is sister yang and she believes in Christ because she has seen all the mercies he has given her in her life. i asked her if she would be willing to share any of her experiences with us. she said when she was pregnant with her first baby she almost died. she had to have an emergency c-section and she was bleeding a lot. she said in the midst of it all she distinctly saw the face of Christ. the doctors were able to save her (though she said she knows it was Christ who saved her) and after that experience she converted to Christianity. she also told us about how she was sad because neither of her kids have very much faith in God but she just keeps praying that they will find their way. it made me think of the story of alma the younger, and how the angel tells him God heard the prayers of his father and that was one of the reasons the angel was appearing unto him. i ran across the park to grab a book of mormon from my bike and marked Mosiah 27 for her to read later. we prayed together and then went our separate ways. she wasn't willing to set up another time with us but she seemed intrigued by the book of mormon. i hope i see her again at the aztec park someday :)

yesterday night we spent a lot of time with sister yi, sister huang, and their friend sister guo who we have started teaching. we have been reading the book of mormon with them quite a bit lately
but last minute i felt like we should share the plan of salvation. i sat on a little trash can that we flipped upside down and taped the pictures of the plan of salvation to the tile wall opposite sister yi's bed where my companion and the 3 ladies were sitting. it was such an invigorating discussion. sister yi has been nervous lately to go to the temple but sister huang was overflowing with vim and vigor saying things like "well i want to go to the celestial kingdom, who doesn't want to go there?? but i guess i could be satisfied with the terrestial kingdom" when she said that i almost fell off the garbage can. i ripped the celestial kingdom picture off the wall and said "heavenly father's goal for all his children is the celestial kingdom. it's his plan for sister guo, sister huang, sister yi, and me and sister l. if that is our goal too, God will help us get there." then they all got really excited and talked about how we would just sit around talking together and singing together when we get there. i was so happy :)

sister li and i had a heart to heart this week. she has very slowly but surely opening up to us. i taught her how to pray. we invited her to the elders baptism on friday and she wasn't sure if she could come cause she has to take care of her frail husband. when the time came sister yi and sister huang walked through the front doors of the church and i held my breath and a moment later there was sister yi. she really liked the service and said it was unlike anything she had ever seen. i just adore her.

well dang it i'm totally out of time. i love you, you crazy mice. i'm so thankful for each of you. i pray for you always. i know God is with us. I know we can see the face of Christ if we look for Him every day. He is with us.

sister coco

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